2020 Population Census Begins, Here’s Jokowi’s Message

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) opened his voice regarding the implementation of the 2020 Population Census. He invited the public to actively participate in the success of the event.

2020 Population Census Begins, Here’s Jokowi’s Message

2020 Population Census

“Data from the Population Census is very important. The information we fill will determine future development policies,” Jokowi said through his Instagram account, Saturday (02/15/20).

Jokowi underlined, the results of the census will be considered by the government. “So they know which areas need education, health, transportation and all facilities,” he explained.

Therefore, he delivered a message to the public in order to provide accurate information. There must be no lies or incorrect information provided.

“The 2020 population census must be successful. First, accept the arrival of the census officer at the house of the ladies and gentlemen of all. Give honest information because the information that you give will greatly determine the government’s development policy going forward,” Jokowi explained.

For information, the Government of Indonesia through the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) and the Ministry of Home Affairs conducted a Population Census (SP) 2020 online in a series of activities for the 2020 Population Census.

This Online Population Census starts on Saturday 15 February at 00.00 WIB (last night) until 31 March 2020. While on 1-31 July 2020 a Population Census Interview will be conducted. apa itu ceme

In the official BPS website, it is stated that the public is asked to participate by checking the existence of KTP NIK and Family Card Number (KK) whether it has been registered through https://sensus.bps.go.id/cek.

“Make sure you and your family are recorded in the Population Census for accurate population data. Fill in the census online via: https://sensus.bps.go.id. Please be able to pass this information on to all friends, colleagues, community members, the community family, neighbors, and all social media contacts or groups that you have, “wrote the BPS announcement.

“I want all my friends, from the central to the regency, 16,000 BPS employees to have a strong commitment to the success of SP2020. This is the time for us to contribute not only to BPS, but to the future of the nation,” said BPS Head, Kecuk Suhariyanto, in Apple 2020 Population Census Alert, in Jakarta, Friday (2/14/2020), quoted by CNBC Indonesia, this Saturday (2/15).

Kecuk emphasized that this SP2020 is a major step in national certification with the start of an online census which is one of the breakthroughs in SP2020.

“This is needed with two objectives, firstly because we realize that the mobility of the people is very high, they are very busy so we give people the opportunity to participate, and at the same time we want to increase public awareness that we all have responsibilities to be aware of administration,” Kecuk said.

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