4 Fine Cap Tiger Porridge, Just Choose the Topping

4 Fine Cap Tiger Porridge, Just Choose the Topping – Finding a place to eat porridge is not difficult in Jakarta. Porridge Cap Tiger, one of them, can be a new choice. This restaurant is located in the Cikajang area, South Jakarta, not far from Santa Market and Blok M. The restaurant is open from 17.00 to 01.00 in the morning. The mainstay is traditional Chinese porridge.

The Bubur Ayam Bubur Ayam restaurant is located on the second floor of a department store, just above a beauty clinic. Stairs leading to Chinese-style restaurant. There is a traditional painting in the form of a tiger with red lights decoration. This area is often a favorite place for visitors to take pictures. Maybe this is one of the attractions for people to visit.

Some people who come in groups must be on the waiting list because there aren’t many big tables. However, don’t worry, the visitors will pass quickly. “As the night progresses, it usually gets more and more crowded,” said Ardi, a restaurant waiter, while giving visitors a menu list.

4 Fine Cap Tiger Porridge, Just Choose the Topping

There are four types of porridge in Cap Tiger Porridge to choose from, namely plain porridge, chicken porridge, fish porridge, and brown rice porridge. Various extra toppings can be ordered separately. There are pitan eggs, chicken intestines, salted vegetables, cakwe, and soy sauce eggs with a quarter of a roast chicken.

No need to wait a long time for orders to arrive. Chicken porridge is served with chicken meat slices, while fish porridge uses slices of dori fish. Like Chinese porridge, you can taste the savory taste directly on the first mouthful, without adding soy sauce, hot chili sauce, or chopped chili first. The fragrance of sesame oil also adds to the aroma of the porridge. Twitter

Brown rice porridge is the mainstay of this restaurant. It was tasty and far from tasteless, blending between the spicy taste of ginger, sesame oil, leeks, and slices of native chicken. The portion of one bowl of porridge feels right when eating in unison with a complementary menu. The price varies. Plain porridge is priced at Rp 25 thousand, chicken porridge Rp 40 thousand, porridge fish dori Rp 45 thousand, and plain red porridge Rp 30 thousand.

As a complementary menu, pitan eggs can be an option. Pitan eggs are served together with cut chicken, chicken intestines, salted vegetable chunks, and sliced ginger. The pitan eggs aren’t too fishy because of the ginger, Ardi said. Sure enough, one chewy pitan egg, costing Rp. 22 thousand, was split into four, served with ginger slices. Uniquely, the chicken intestine is processed to resemble a soft and savory quiteau. While cut chicken has been served without bones so no need to bother eating it.

As a dessert, visitors can taste kwecang, which is served almost similar to bakcang. This food is made from compacted sticky rice and inside it feels pandan leaves. Served in bamboo leaves, this little dish isn’t too sweet. Exactly if you eat this meal by dipping it in liquid brown sugar. This dessert is enough to pay Rp. 10 thousand.

After eating dessert, a typical old-fashioned Soda Cap Badak Medan drink or green coconut water can make dinner fresher.

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