Although Rich in Benefits, Beware of the Side Effects of Salam Leaves

Although Rich in Benefits, Beware of the Side Effects of Salam Leaves – One of the most used spices in Indonesian cuisine is bay leaf. Besides it can indeed make eating more delicious, this one leaf does have many benefits for the body.

Even so, the side effects of bay leaves also cannot be underestimated. This leaf can react to certain drugs, thus interfering with the way it works. In addition, bay leaves should also be avoided by several groups of individuals so as not to have adverse effects on health.

Although Rich in Benefits, Beware of the Side Effects of Salam Leaves

Although Rich in Benefits of bay leaves are popular is to make the digestive tract healthy or lower blood sugar may have often been heard. However, do not let you rashly consume them. Because, there are side effects of bay leaves that can happen.

Here are some side effects of bay leaves on the body

  • Interferes with digestion if consumed as a whole

Often see people get rid of bay leaves before the dish is served? In addition to making dishes look more aesthetic, removing bay leaves does need to be done, so they are not swallowed.

Bay leaves, if swallowed whole, cannot be digested by the body. Thus, it can make the throat clogged or injuring the organs in the digestive tract.

Even so, these leaves are safe for consumption in powder form or if it is already in a truncated form. This leaf is also safe for consumption as a medicine or supplement in the short term.

  • Inhibits the central nervous system

What is the relationship between surgery and bay leaf? Looks quite far, right? But if you consume bay leaf as an herbal remedy, you should first stop using it for at least two weeks before undergoing surgery.

Because, bay leaf is believed to slow down the work of the central nervous system in the meantime during surgery, patients will get an anesthetic that works related to the central nervous system. Likewise with drugs given after surgery, which will be disrupted how it works due to bay leaves.

In addition, pregnant and lactating women should avoid consuming bay leaves as herbal medicines. Actually, there is no research that says that bay leaf is dangerous for pregnant or nursing women. However, considering that these leaves can have various effects on the body, its consumption should be avoided as a medicine first.

Side effects of bay leaves for the treatment being undertaken

If you are already taking various types of medicine everyday and still want to use bay leaves as an alternative, you should first make sure the type of medicine being consumed. Because, this leaf is believed to be able to react to several types of drugs, so that it interferes or decreases its effectiveness. Ceme Online Uang Asli

  • Side effects of bay leaves on diabetes medications

Decoction of bay leaf water or alternative medicine containing bay leaf is believed to reduce blood sugar levels. If you are taking blood sugar-lowering drugs, do not combine it with the bay leaf ingredients.

Consuming both of them will make your blood sugar level drop too drastically and actually be dangerous for health. Make sure you consult your doctor before taking any alternative medicine.

  • Side effects of bay leaves on pain medications

When there are painkillers that we consume, the body will process them to be absorbed and get rid of the rest that is not needed by the body. Bay leaves can slow down the disposal of the remaining digestive drug.

As a result, the effects of the drug and its side effects are increasing. However, not all pain relievers will interact with bay leaves. Only narcotic drugs such as meperidine, hydrocodone, or morphine will change their way of working.

  • Side effects of bay leaves on sleeping pills

Sleeping pills or sedatives can also change their effects if taken together with other herbal medicines that contain bay leaves. Because, bay leaves themselves can cause people who consume them to feel sleepy.

If both are consumed at the same time, the user will experience extreme drowsiness. Examples of sleeping pills referred to include lorazepam, clonazepam, and phenobarbital.

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