Anxiety Traders of the Tiban Tegal Market : I Could Die Before Corona Come

Anxiety Traders of the Tiban Tegal Market : I Could Die Before Corona Come – Traders of the Tegal City of Tiban Market, Yuliani, were forced to live with Rp. 80,000 in capital for the next few days. Since there was a local lockdown plan from the Tegal Government, he could no longer sell.

Sunday (3/29/2020) this morning, when selling at the Tiban Market, the Satpol PP suddenly came and dismissed the merchandise on the grounds of violating regulations.

“We are considered breaking the law because it held a mass crowd. We were suddenly told to disperse because we could spread Corona Virus in that place,” he explained when contacted by on Sunday (3/29/2020).

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Yuliani claimed to understand well about the dangers of Corona Virus. However, if sales are not allowed, Yuliani said her family would starve to death before the Corona Virus arrived. Moreover, the government did not give the slightest economic compensation to him.

“There should be economic compensation. If we are only forbidden to sell, where can we eat? My family can die before the Corona Virus comes, if not selling. Selling clothes is my only income,” he explained. bandarq

About two weeks, Yuliani also can not trade because there are plans for local lockdown. In fact, to eat his family, Yuliani had to sell her jewelry to buy the necessities of life and her family.

At present, he has four children and the youngest is four years old. There are still many needs that must be given to their children.

“To complete the necessities of life for two weeks, I sell jewelry. What else can I do? Please the government, at this rate my family could die before Corona Virus comes,” he complained.

He was grateful, before the Satpol PP was dissolved, this Sunday morning he had sold two pieces of clothes. Of the two pieces of clothes that were sold, Yuliani received Anxiety Traders of the Rp. 80,000. The money will be used to live during the local lockdown.

“I am grateful that this morning I was still able to serve two buyers, I got Rp. 80,000 for my family’s life,” he said.

Regarding Tegal City Government’s plan for local lockdown, Yuliani is actually very happy to accept it. However, on condition that there is compensation and guarantees for living.

“If there is compensation and guarantees, we will gladly stay at home. Not just a matter of months. If it’s like that for one year, we are also sincere,” he added.

Until this news airs, Yuliani has never heard of socialization related to guarantees and compensation when a Anxiety Traders of the local lockdown occurs. He just heard to stay at home and reduce activities outside the home.

To note, the action of the dissolution of traders in the Tibetan Market in Tegal City was viral. Some officers were seen disperse traders who were selling and got protests from the traders.

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