Bantul Regional Police Arrests Baby Kidnappers

Bantul Regional Police Arrests Baby Kidnappers Who Had Viral on Social Media – Bantul District Police arrested a man with the initials DHS (46) who took away a 5 month old baby.

Bantul Regional Police

Head of Criminal Unit of Bantul District Police, AKP Riko Sanjaya said that the arrest was made based on reports from reported siri’s wives. Previously, this news was viral on social media with the narrative of a baby abduction.

“Previously, this case was viral at social media. The next day the reporter came to the Bantul District Police said that the reporting son was brought by his cousin,” AKP Riko Sanjaya told reporters at the Bantul Police Station on Friday (6/3/2020).

DHS was reported by his wife SJ (46) for taking away their daughter with the initials RY who was 5 months old.

SJ made a report to the police on Tuesday (3/3/2020). While the DHS was arrested by police on Wednesday in Tasikmalaya. When arrested RY was with DHS in Tasikmalaya which is the residence of the reported parent.

RY is an adopted child of a DHS and SJ couple whose status is a married couple. An official statement states that RY was adopted as a child Bantul Regional Police by SJ.

Furthermore, AKP Riko said that the police had conducted an examination of 4 people. Consists of 2 witnesses, reported and reported.

The police have also detained DHS for 20 days from March 5 to March 24, 2020.

“The article that we suspect is the Child Protection Act with the threat of a minimum sentence of 3 years and a maximum of 15 years,” said AKP Riko. Bantul Regional Police

The alleged article is Article 83 Jo 76 F of RI Law No. 35 of 2014 concerning child protection and Article 330 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code. Bandar Ceme Pkv

AKP Riko also said that the disclosure of the perpetrators to the public was intended to expose the facts that had taken place and then maintain the orderliness of the people of Bantul Regency.

He also said that the conflict was triggered by family problems. At present both parties agree to resolve the issue through the family channel.

DHS claimed not to have any motive, he only intended to introduce RY to his parents in Tasikmalaya.

“There is no motive just to introduce myself to my parents. Incidentally, my parents are seriously ill in Tasikmalaya,” said DHS.

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