Caucasians Killed on Corona Positive Motor, Early Diagnosis of the Heart

Caucasians Killed on Corona Positive Motor, Early Diagnosis of the Heart, A foreign male alias who was killed on a motorcycle on Jalan Imam Bonjol, Denpasar Barat, Bali Province on Sunday (3/15/2020) was tested positive for a new corona virus (COVID-19).

The results of the examination were announced by the Bali Province COVID-19 Handling Task Force on Saturday (3/21/2020). Officers conduct searches related to the foreign contact history.

Caucasians Killed on Corona

Reported by BeritaBali — network, Saturday (3/21/2020), Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Bali Province, Dewa Made Indra who is also the COVID Handling Task Force of 19 Bali Province said that his party was coordinating with the consulate from foreigners aged 72 that year.

Indra is coordinating whether the corona funeral will be cremated.

The 72-year-old Caucasians are Bali’s second foreigner patients who tested positive for COVID-19. Initially diagnosed by the hospital suffering from heart disease.

But because in the situation of the spread of COVID-19, the person concerned was also checked and found to be positive for COVID-19.

“Regarding the second positive WNA COVID-19 who was declared dead, we have carried out a search or contact tracing and only found one closest person while in Bali, of course this will continue to be developed,” said Secretary Indra.

Indra gave a statement that the positive number of Covid-19 in Bali was 3 positive people. Consisting of 2 foreigners have died and 1 citizen is still in care. Caucasians Killed on Corona

Of the two foreigners who died, one person was cremated and another person remains in the hospital.

The second foreign national patient who died stated that at the time of the incident concerned boarded the vehicle and stopped on the side of the road.

Once the officer was found, the foreigner was taken to the hospital and examined with the initial results of the patient suffering from heart disease.

“In addition to examining the patient’s history of illness, the team of doctors also conducted a continuous test, the sample was taken and tested by a laboratory with positive results of COVID-19,” he said.

Preliminary results of searches in close contact with foreigners died, found as many as 199 people (on March 20). This number increased by 18 people (on March 21), bringing the total number of contacts that had been close to positive patients with Covid-19 (foreigners) to 217 people.

Caucasians Killed on Corona

At present the Health Service Team continues to carry out ongoing monitoring of people from the search results. They collaborated with the District Health Office to disseminate information to these people for isolation at home and to follow protocol.

Based on a number of residents, the Caucasian man was initially seen drunk and then fell asleep before finally dying on his motorcycle, Beritabali reported. referral

Residents admit that they did not dare to approach when they saw the Caucasian lying on a motorcycle. They are afraid that they are affected by the Covid-19 corona virus.

“During the evacuation, residents were afraid not to approach because now the corona virus is spreading,” said one resident. Caucasians Killed on Corona

He was found right in front of Pring angkringan, south of the Teuku Umar Barat intersection, West Denpasar, Sunday (3/15) around 13.30 WITA.

Before being found dead, residents had seen the victim riding a motorcycle in a condition not wearing clothes. He only wore black warma shorts and black shoes.

Caucasians come from north to south. Upon arrival at the location, he suddenly experienced seizures and was seen about to vomit

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