Ciara Storm Victims Increase to 7 People

Ciara Storm Victims Increase to 7 People – The death toll from Hurricane Ciara hit across Europe increased to seven on Monday 10 February. This terrible storm also disrupted the operations of a number of modes of public transportation in many European countries.

In Germany, a resident died after his vehicle crashed into a trailer truck in a parked vehicle in Hesse. The truck was parked by workers who were cleaning the highway after the storm hit Ciara.

Reporting from The National, Tuesday, February 11, 2020, a traffic accident in the middle of Hurricane Ciara also occurred in the Czech Republic. The police said a car was nearly hit by a tree so that it was finally thrown off the road and rolled over. The driver of the car was declared dead, while one female passenger survived.

Two men, one in southern England and one in northern Slovenia, were killed after their car was crushed by a fallen tree hit by Hurricane Ciara.

Ciara Storm Victims Increase to 7 People

While in Poland, a mother and daughter were killed in the roof of a ski equipment shop in the resort area of Bukowina Tatrzanska. Two other people were injured in the incident.

Turning to Sweden, one person sank after the ship he was driving sank in a lake in the Fegen area. The victim was lost, and later found dead in a lake. One friend who also boarded the ship was still declared missing. Bandar Ceme Terpercaya

More than 130 thousand homes, from Brittany in western France to Normandy and the northern region, lost electricity in the middle of Hurricane Ciara. In Germany, a number of companies are trying to restore electricity to around 50,000 homes in northern Bavaria.

Train travel across Germany has also been disrupted by Hurricane Ciara. Many residents were unable to go to their workplaces all Monday.

A number of airlines also canceled hundreds of flights from several major airports in Germany.

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