Coronavirus has spread to several countries

Coronavirus has spread to several countries – A number of countries plan to evacuate staff of diplomats and their citizens from the territory of China.

This was done because of the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the world. As of Wednesday (01/29/2020), the death toll from the coronavirus reached 132 people with 5,974 cases.


Launch Reuters, the following are evacuation plans by several countries and how they will manage the health risks of returning these citizens:

  1. Japanese
    On Tuesday (1/28/2020) night, Japan chartered flights to Wuhan. Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said that this flight could carry around 200 passengers. Motegi said that Tokyo was arranging extra flights to Wuhan on Wednesday (01/29/2020). Those who experience symptoms such as fever will be taken to the hospital when landing at Haneda Airport, Tokyo. Meanwhile, those who show no signs of the virus can go home and work or go to school. However, they are still advised to avoid crowds and check body temperature twice a day. Also read: Fact 6 Chinese WN Stranded in NTT, Intercepted by Australian Soldiers to Corona Negatives
  2. Kazakhstan
    According to information from Kazakhstan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Skhukrat Nuryshev, Kazakhstan has asked Beijing to allow 98 students from its country to leave Wuhan City.
  3. Germany
    Germany also plans to evacuate its citizens in the Wuhan region. The number reached 90 people.
  4. Morocco
    Another country planning to evacuate is Morocco. They plan to evacuate 100 residents from Wuhan City. Most Moroccans in Wuhan are students.
  5. France
    France also hopes to be able to repatriate its residents who live in the Wuhan region. The population who live there reaches 800 people. Evacuation will take 14 days in quarantine to avoid a wider spread of the virus in France.
  6. Spain
    According to Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha Gonzalez Laya, the Spanish Government is working with China and the European Union to repatriate Spanish citizens who are in the Wuhan area.
  7. United States
    The United States also evacuated staff from its consulate in Wuhan to return to their country. Evacuation aircraft left Wuhan on Wednesday (01/29/2020) morning carrying 240 passengers of US nationality. The plane is scheduled to land at Ontario International Airport in southern California, 56 kilometers from Los Angeles. The flight was operated by American cargo airline, Kalitta Air, which left Tianhe Airport, Wuhan, at 04.54 am local time. The plane will transit in Anchorage, Alaska, to refuel, then fly to California. Passengers will also be screened for viruses in Anchorage and quarantined at the US Centers for Disease Control for two weeks after arriving in California.
  8. English
    According to Spokesman Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Britain is also discussing with international partners to find solutions and help British citizens and other foreigners to leave Wuhan.
  9. Canada
    Canada has around 167 citizens in the Wuhan region. Meanwhile, there are eight people who have asked for consular assistance. The minister did not deny the possibility of evacuation. However, until now, he has not indicated a plan. According to him, each consular request will be evaluated based on each case.
  10. Russia
    Based on information from the Russian Embassy in China, his country has also held discussions with China about the evacuation of its citizens from Wuhan and Hubei Province.
  11. Netherlands
    According to a report from the ANP News Agency, the Dutch Government is considering evacuating 20 of its citizens from Wuhan.
  12. Myanmar
    Authorities in Myanmar said that they had canceled the evacuation plan of 60 students from Mandalay who were studying in Wuhan. Mandalay City government spokesman Kyaw Yin said the latest decision was that citizens in Wuhan would be sent home after the incubation period ended, a maximum of 14 days.
  13. Malaysia
    Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said his party had spoken with China to evacuate Malaysians from Wuhan, as reported by Reuters. According to him, there are currently 78 Malaysian citizens from Wuhan.
  14. Indonesia
    The Indonesian government also confirmed that it would repatriate Indonesian citizens (WNI) in Wuhan. The Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) has alerted three of its aircraft to pick up 243 Indonesian citizens who were still in Wuhan, China, when the coronavirus broke out. Poker Deposit Pulsa “We have prepared (two) Boeing 737 aircraft and (one) C130 Hercules. We are also preparing personnel from the battalion of health,” said Head of the Air Force Information Office (Kadispen) Marsma TNI Fajar Adrianto when confirmed, Wednesday (1/28/2020) . Fajar explained, the decision to alert the three aircraft was based on the results of a meeting between the Coordinating Ministry for Politics, Law and Security (Kemenko Polhukam), the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu).

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