Cyber ​​Spies Search for Corona Virus Vaccine Secrets

Cyber ​​Spies Search for Corona Virus Vaccine Secrets

Cyber ​​Spies Search for Corona Virus Vaccine Secrets – Foreign spy agents have conducted surveillance of corona virus vaccine research, a senior US intelligence official told the BBC.

Bill Evanina, director of the National Counter Intelligence and Security Center, said the US government had warned medical research organizations about the risk.

But he did not reveal whether there were confirmed cases of stolen data.

British security sources said they also saw similar activity.

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‘Warp speed’ operation
A number of parties took part in an international race to find the Covid-19 vaccine.

Researchers, companies and governments are all involved.

Their efforts are protected by domestic spy agents and at the same time are targeted by foreign parties.

The Evanina organization provides input to counter the work of foreign intelligence agents to the US government, business people, and academics.

We have worked closely with industry and government here to carefully ensure they protect all research and data as best they can, he said.

We suspect that there are foreign intelligence services, including the Chinese Communist Party, which will try to get what we make here.

The US government is trying to help manufacture vaccines in a program reportedly named ‘Operation Warp Speed’.

Any country that finds the first vaccine formulation that is effective and safe, might be able to ensure its citizens first benefit from the vaccine.

We have made contact with every medical organization that conducts research to ask them to be very, very alert, Evanina added.

In today’s world, nothing is more valuable or worth being stolen than any biomedical research that will help find a corona virus vaccine.

Hospital attack
In mid-April, an FBI official said there were some Poker Online Medan disturbances to the institute conducting research on Covid.

Deputy assistant director, Tonya Ugoretz said biomedical data had long been a priority target for cyber espionage and the organizations that examined the virus had been marked.

Also that month, the US assistant attorney general for national security, John Demers, said it would be very absurd to think China would not be interested in such research.

Canada’s Cyber ​​Security Center warned in March that sophisticated attackers could try to steal the intellectual property of organizations involved in research and development related to Covid-19.

US and other western spies may also be interested in what is happening in China, including differences in the number of Covid-19 fatalities and research on vaccines and patient care.

There is also ongoing concern about the risk of cyber attacks on health organizations, which could interfere with their response to the outbreak.

Two hospitals in the Czech Republic reported experiencing cyber attacks in April. This was responded to by the US government.

We call on the relevant actors to refrain from engaging in cyber activities that disrupt the Czech Republic’s health care system or similar infrastructure elsewhere, said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

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