DBS Bank Employees Infected With Corona Virus

DBS Bank Employees Infected With Corona Virus – One DBS Bank employee at Singapore’s Marina Bay Financial Center (MBFC) tested positive for the corona virus. To prevent the spread of the virus, DBS sent 300 colleagues from the same floor.

DBS Bank Employees

Employees suspected of contracting the corona virus worked on the 43rd floor of Tower 3 MBFC on DBS Asia Central. He checked on.

A DBS spokeswoman said 300 employees working on the same floor with the suspected infection were asked to vacate the office building at 12 noon. They were asked to work from home temporarily as a precaution to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

However, a DBS Bank employee who worked on the 13th floor claimed not to have heard the news. He also claimed not to know whether other floor employees would be evacuated like 43rd floor workers. “Because most departments have separate operating protocols,” he said.

At present, management is still tracking the contact of infected employees with other employees and possibly other employees who are also infected. 99Online Bandar Ceme

Office buildings, including public areas, such as lobbies, elevators, and toilets are also cleaned and doused with disinfectant fluids in accordance with local Ministry of Health guidelines.

“The health and well-being of our staff is a top priority, and we will give them every support to get through these uncertain times,” a company spokesman said.

Starting next week, he continued, all employees will receive health care and personal protection packages, including masks, thermometers, hand sanitizers and vitamin c.

Responding to the corona virus outbreak response in Singapore on orange status, the local government asked all office buildings to do temperature filtering.

Visitors are also required to sign a medical and travel history declaration form before entering the building. Hand sanitizers are available on every floor, including face masks.

Previously it was reported that one person was infected with the corona virus DBS Bank Employees in the same building, namely MBFC in Tower 1. The number of corona virus cases in Singapore reached 47 to.

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