Deputy Minister of Iran Admits Infection with Corona Virus

Deputy Minister of Iran Admits Infection with Corona Virus – Iran’s Deputy Minister of Health, Iraj Harirchi confirmed positive for contracting the COVID-19 corona virus. He looks physically uncomfortable when talking to reporters.

Reporting from France24, Wednesday 26 February 2020, Iraj occasionally coughed and wiped sweat from his forehead repeatedly during a press conference. He held the press conference in Tehran on Monday with government spokesman Ali Rabiei.

At the time, he denied a lawmaker’s claim that 50 people had died of a virus in the holy Shiite city of Qom. He said he would resign if the numbers proved accurate.

In a video broadcast on state television, Iraj put on a brave face when he admitted he was infected.

“I have also been infected with the corona virus,” Iraj said in a video that appeared to have been taken alone.

I had a fever last night, and my preliminary test showed COVID-19 positive, he added.

Iraj said he had isolated himself somewhere since then. A few minutes ago, I was told that my test was final, and now I started taking medicine, he explained.

He said the virus did not discriminate who would be infected. Iraj added that Iran would definitely win against this virus in the next few weeks. Ceme Bandar Tetap

Nevertheless, he continued to warn people to be careful of the virus. After the news of the Iranian wamenkes infection, a spokesman for the Rabiei government who stood beside Iraj on Monday, appeared and held a press conference the next day with the country’s industry minister and other officials.

A prominent Iranian reformist politician, Mahmoid Sadeghi also announced he was positive for COVID-19.

“My corona virus test was positive. I sent this message, but I didn’t have much hope to stay alive,” he said via Twitter.

Iran affirmed three additional passings and 34 new contaminations on Tuesday. The total death toll from the virus in the country is 15, and the number infected is 95.

Iran is said to be the country with the most deaths outside China, the center of the virus spreading.

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