Don’t Try to Overtake Vehicles with These 7 Conditions

Don’t Try to Overtake Vehicles with These 7 Conditions – One driving technique that must be understood by someone is about how to overtake or overtake safely on the highway. Therefore, the driver must understand when a safe moment to overtake the vehicle in front.

Because, some drivers often do things that are dangerous when overtaking.

Don’t Try to Overtake Vehicles with These 7 Conditions

Senior Instructor Safety Defensive Consultant Indonesia (SDCI), Sony Susmana, said there are at least 7 things that are considered dangerous for a driver when trying to overtake.

Overtake Not Use Turn Signal

The first thing that is very dangerous and should not be the driver when trying to overtake is not to turn on the turn signal.

First, what is very dangerous is when overtaking by not turning on the turn signal. This can endanger the vehicle behind or that will be overtaken, because they do not know we will overtake, explained Sony when contacted the coil some time ago.

Overtake The Corner

Furthermore, Sony advises drivers not to overtake in cornering road conditions. Especially in the condition of the 2-lane 2-way road, he suggested that before overtaking, the driver saw the existing road markings.

Avoid overtaking on cornering streets, in addition to the potential for large blind spots, sometimes also more slippery and bumpy, explained Sony.

Overtake Not One By One

Especially in the condition of a 2-lane 2-way road, another thing that should not be done is to overtake more than one car. This is considered very dangerous, because it could have been in the middle of the overtaking process, there was already another car from the opposite direction. Cara Bandar Ceme Menang

The danger if when overtaking the next car, it turns out there is another car from the opposite direction, or it turns out there is not enough space for our car to get back into line, Sony said.

Overtaking Is Not Supported By Qualified Acceleration

In overtaking, the role of acceleration of a vehicle is quite important. Because, if when you want to overtake, but the car does not have enough acceleration, can make it trapped in dangerous situations, such as the appearance of other cars from the opposite direction.

Overtake With Unfocused Conditions

When you want to overtake, the driver is advised not to chat with passengers. Given the dangerous situation, when overtaking the driver is advised to focus on attention to the conditions around him.

If you want to overtake, don’t talk or do other activities, you should focus on the situation around you, Sony said.

Overtake Roughly And Suddenly

Maneuvering when you want to overtake is also recommended slowly. Avoid sudden maneuvers, because it can be shocking and dangerous to other vehicles.

Overtake Force Yourself

Finally, when you want to overtake the driver is advised to be patient and calculate everything carefully. Make sure the traffic situation around is already in a clear and safe condition.

Finally, if you want to overtake, don’t force it. For example, you already know from the opposite direction there is a car, but still daring to overtake or already know the steep contours of the road and the engine capacity of the car is not qualified but still forced, it’s dangerous, concluded Sony.

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