Indonesian Food That Goes Worldwide

Indonesian Food That Goes Worldwide : Indonesia is a country rich in tradition, culture and cuisine. Each region in the country has its own special food.

This variety of food was able to attract foreign attention. Because so delicious some authentic Indonesian food served at festivals held in several countries in the world.

Call it Gado Gado, Chicken Satay, Rendang, and even processed tempe that is able to compete at the international level. What is the greatness of the typical Indonesian food that is worldwide?

Here are 7 Indonesian Typical Foods Worldwide

  • Fried Rice at the 2010 Chinese Shangha World Expo

Some of us are certainly familiar with this one food, namely Fried Rice. More than that, Fried Rice has managed to become an Indonesian Icon. The name of fried rice food is increasingly widespread in foreign countries, after US President Barack Obama mentioned the name of fried rice food as Indonesian famous food in the world and several times he acknowledged the delicious food on this one.

At the “World Expo Shanghai China 2010” the fried rice cuisine became an interesting treat. This international cooking competition is able to bring the name of fried rice to be increasingly known in the eyes of the world. bandar ceme online

This event received a positive response from exhibition visitors from various countries. In fact in a day, at least fried rice served with breast eggs and chicken satay can sell up to 700 servings. This fried rice is one of the typical Indonesian foods worldwide.

  • Gado-Gado in Naples Italy

The next native Indonesian culinary is gado-gado. Gado-gado is a typical Javanese food in the form of vegetables boiled and mixed into one. This food has a distinctive spice of ground peanut puree. Do not miss the egg slices and topping fried onions. This unique and delicious serving will be more complete if added with fried chips or crackers.

Gado-gado which can be eaten like a salad is indeed quite simple. The international cooking competition in Naples in 2010 proved to be a hodgepodge not just any food.

In this event, Gado-Gado won the first place in the category of aesthetic presentation, for this reason Gado-Gado became one of the specialties of Indonesian foods worldwide.

  • Soto Ayam Laris Manis in Japan

Not only famous for its delicious taste, Soto also has a beautiful appearance. This easy-to-make typical Indonesian cuisine is most delicious when eaten during the rainy season. The combination of cold air and hot sauce is the right combination for us. Not only in Indonesia, chicken soup is also at a food festival in Japan.

Apparently soto ayam food has become a subscription at this event. This event was organized by Indonesian students who are members of PPIJ – Komsat Ibaraki.

Proven in a big event like this, Soto Ayam can be a well-received food by the Japanese people and Soto is a typical Indonesian food that is worldwide.

  • Chicken Satay Always Selling in International Festivals
Indonesian Food

The famous Indonesian culinary beriktunya is chicken satay. This burnt food is food that is preferred by the people of Indonesia. Famous for its typical Madura satay, it turns out that chicken satay is able to hypnotize foreign people. An international bazaar held in China in 2013 was proof that chicken satay was favored by bazaar visitors. This activity not only organizes Indonesian culinary but also culinary from several countries. But Indonesian food is the main attraction.

One thing that is a pride for Indonesian food is that the chicken satay food is sold out by the local people. Not only in the bazaar, an authentic Indonesian cuisine restaurant can compete in the middle of the most expensive restaurant in New York America.

With its flagship chicken satay menu, a restaurant with the name “Satay junction” is able to attract American citizens.

Although relatively small, this restaurant is always crowded with Americans who love Asian cuisine, especially Indonesian cuisine. besides being able to survive, the number of visitors continues to grow.

  • Rendang Included in 50 Most Delicious Foods

Rendang is a typical Indonesian food that comes from Padang, West Sumatra. Rendang is made from spicy meat, using spices from a mixture of various herbs and spices native to Indonesia. This dish is produced from a cooking process that is reheated acting up using coconut milk. Rendang is known for its long cooking process. It takes hours to produce a deep black color and soft flesh.

But believe me, this will pay off when you eat it. Delicious and delicious rendang managed to make it selected in the top position of the 50 most delicious food in the world version of “international CNN in 2011”.

Rendang even became a favorite food menu in a hotel in Germany in the context of a culinary festival of authentic Indonesian cuisine.

This event was held to commemorate 60 years of Indonesian German friendship. This Rendang has been named as one of the most typical Indonesian foods worldwide.

  • Favorite Tempe Menu in Japan and Korea

Next is tempe, apparently not only Indonesians who like tempeh. A Korean chef Eduard Quad is one of thousands who fall in love with tempeh. Jakarta culinary festival event held in October 2012 became a gathering of chefs from various foreign countries. They come to enjoy Indonesian specialties and regional origins. One of Indonesia’s special foods is Tempe Goreng.

One of them is Eduard Quad, apparently from various foods he tasted, he made tempe as his idol. It’s different from Korean chefs.

An Indonesian citizen Mr. Rustomo is a tempe businessman in Japan. Not only can it be processed into delicious food, tempeh also produces cash coffers.

Pak Rustomo’s own name is known in several regions in Japan. Its business of selling tempeh succeeded in capturing Japanese society, thus it is appropriate that tempe is a global Indonesian food.

  • Oxtail Soup as a typical Indonesian food

The last global Indonesian food is oxtail soup. An event to introduce Indonesian specialties was organized by the Indonesian Republic Embassy in Madrid, Spain. One of the menus is oxtail soup. It turned out that this event got a positive response. Indonesian chefs present a variety of Indonesian specialties here.

There are at least 300 ‘people who enjoy the menu served from Indonesian Chef and fall in love with oxtail soup. Oxtail Soup finally considered as a typical Indonesian culinary worldwide.

Thus a review of 7 Indonesian foods that are famous to foreign countries. Indonesia is one of the countries in the world that has a variety of delicious and tasty special dishes.

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