Nassar Arab Man To Be In Law Bill Gates

Nassar Arab Man To Be In Law Bill Gates – Nayel Nassar will marry Bill Gates’ first daughter, Jennifer Gates. The application was accepted so it is certain they will get married in the near future. Here are some interesting facts about Nassar who is of Arab descent:

  • Age and Family

Nassar was born on January 21, 1991 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Meaning that at this time, he was 29 years old. Jennifer Gates is 23 years old, so they are 6 years apart.

Nassar’s parents are from Egypt and have lived in Kuwait with Nassar. In the international equestrian championship, Nassar is still defending the country of Egypt. His parents apparently were quite well off, they had an architecture and interior design business in Kuwait. Daftar 99Bandar

Even when it was only 10 years old, Nassar’s parents bought the first horse. Thanks to the wealth of his parents, Nassar was able to take horse riding training in Europe. Riding itself is identical as one of the sports carried out by the rich. Nassar has started riding from the age of 5 years. Nassar Arab Man In Law Bill Gates

  • Great performance

Physically, Nassar is about 182 meters tall and weighs 78 kilograms. As a professional athlete, Nassar’s career is quite bright. He will be one of the equestrian athletes representing Egypt at the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics after the country has not participated in it for a long time.

Based on data from the International Federation of Equestrian Sports, Nassar ranks 41st worldwide. He has won 36 competitions since 2010.

The prize that Nassar won from the competition was quite large. Nassar won the USD 1 Million Grand Prix HITS championship three times in 2013, 2018 and 2019. From its participation in 2019, Nassar managed to bring home a prize of USD 350 thousand.

In addition, at the Wellington FEI World Cup Jumping Longines championship which took place in February last year, Nassar won and won a prize of USD 216 thousand. In fact, reportedly, Nassar’s wealth reached at least USD 20 million.

  • Stanford Alumni

Nayel Nassar is Jennifer’s senior at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Stanford University. He won a bachelor’s degree in economics in 2013.

Nassar also speaks English, French, German and Arabic fluently. He also has his own business, which operates a training center and horse sales near San Diego called Nassar Stables LLC.

  • Religion

Egyptian media have reported that Nayel Nassar is a Muslim. He seems to hold two nationalities, the United States and Egypt.

  • Dating with Jennifer Since January 2017

It is tracked that Nassar has been dating Jennifer since January 2017. Means they have been in a love affair for 2 years and now decide to get engaged.

Both of them supported each other when participating in the championship and traveled to various cities where the competition was held. Jennifer is also a horse athlete though still an amateur. “This is really special,” Jennifer said of their time together.

“Horse riding is just one part of our lives, but we love the sport,” said the girl from Stanford University.

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