New Normal Guide To Ojek Online

New Normal Guide to Ojek Online

New Normal Guide to Ojek Online – The Corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) which is still ravaging Indonesia requires people to familiarize themselves with the new normal conditions. Various health protocols must be carried out so as not to spread the virus during activity.
Online motorcycle taxi (ojol) also must adjust to maintain health. The Indonesian Two-Wheeled Action Association (GARDA) has published 15 steps of new normal guidance for online motorcycle taxis.

Garda as an association is fast and responsive since the beginning of the pandemic continues to take precautionary steps in anticipation of Covid-19 transmission to drivers and passengers and ojol service users, said Chairman of the National Guard Presidium, Igun Wicaksono in his written statement, Wednesday (27/5 / 2020).

In early March 2020, when the COVID-19 case was first revealed in Indonesia, Garda immediately issued a standard health protocol for ojol drivers and urged passengers to bring their own helmets.

To enter the new stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, Garda is also preparing and implementing ‘basic hygiene’ for ojol drivers and ojol service users, as a strengthening of health protocols as a preventive measure. The basic hygiene that we have applied for ojol drivers is a preventive measure for the Guard in welcoming ‘The New Normal’, where if the ojol has been allowed to carry passengers, ceme online medan, passengers are expected to get clean and optimal hygienic ojol services, Igun said.

The Garda has published 15 new normal health protocols for online motorcycle taxis. Among others are:

  1. Adhere to basic personal hygiene for ojol drivers;
  2. Use a mask when activities outside the home or are operational;
  3. Use SNI helmet with face covering;
  4. Use clean and hygienic gloves;
  5. Use clean and hygienic online motorcycle taxi attributes;
  6. Cover the neck with a buff or scarf;
  7. Use closed shoes and use socks;
  8. Prepare the clipped plastic, specifically for storing banknotes or metal, avoid saving money directly to the wallet;
  9. Avoid direct contact with ojol users;
  10. Remind passengers to better bring their own personal helmets;
  11. Don’t carry excessive loads when riding a motorcycle and only 1 passenger;
  12. Adequate rest in operations;
  13. Keep food and drink clean;
  14. If it is possible to consume vitamins to maintain immunity;
  15. Avoid crowding or if in groups to pay attention to ‘physical distancing’.

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