Returning from Jakarta, One Family in Bantul was Positive COVID-19

Returning from Jakarta, One Family in Bantul was Positive COVID-19 – Spokesman of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19 Bantul Regency, Sri Wahyu Joko Santoso reported the latest data Sunday (04/12/2020) at 16:30 WIB there were three new patients who were confirmed positive for corona virus.

“Today the patient was confirmed positive with three people. With a history of travel from outside the area,” said the man who is familiarly called Oki.

Returning from Jakarta

He explained, three positive patients of COVID-19 were one family from Kasihan Bantul. Previously, the three patients had a history of travel from Jakarta.

Oki said that the three of them traveled to Jakarta because one of them was suffering from an illness that could not be mentioned.

“What is certain in Jakarta is not COVID-19 treatment,” Oki said. The three people are: 53-year-old male, 50-year-old female and 22-year-old male. poker online makassar

With the addition of three COVID-19 positive people, there are currently seven people in Bantul who have tested positive for the corona virus. Returning from Jakarta

The seven patients are scattered in several referral hospitals in Yogyakarta. Two of them were treated at Panembahan Senopati Hospital. One person in PKU Muhammadiyah Hospital Bantul, one person in RSUP dr. Sardjito, one person was at Hardjolukito Hospital, while the other two were at the Yogyakarta Public Hospital and the Sleman Public Hospital.

Launching data shared by Bantul Regency through their Instagram account, there are 668 ODPs, 137 PDPs have been checked with 63 PDPs declared negative and allowed to go home. Meanwhile, 5 patients who were still in the laboratory test were declared dead and 1 positive patient was declared dead.

Oki advised the community to keep their distance and not to isolate or stigmatize the ODP, PDP, or people on their way. “Keep the situation conducive so we can be careful and alert,” Oki said.

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