Saudi Arabian Women Allowed to Take Card Tournaments

Saudi Arabian Women Allowed to Take Card Tournaments – The female baloot player took part on the second day of the tournament which was held on the Riyadh Front, Saudi Arabia.

The entry of women is seen as an encouragement for female fans of the popular card game in the Arab country.

Six rounds are played on the second day of the baloot championship, in which 520 women’s teams participate in two rounds.

This game is believed to have been brought to the Hijazi region of Indian immigrants via trade routes during the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

There are also those who say that the French who are familiar with the game as Belote, migrated during the Ottoman expansion in the region.

Saudi Arabian Women Allowed to Take Card Tournaments

This game is divided into four players. Inside there are two teams with two players each. The rules are strict but easy.

One player shares 32 cards and each player gets five cards. The two [who faced each other worked as a team to win as many high ranking cards as possible.

The main goal is to win the round where high ranking cards are played. Players collect cards by “eating” opponent cards.

Baloot uses only 32 cards. Cards with numbers two to six are not included in the game.

Jawaher Al-Mansoour (24) said that he was happy to participate. “I just finished the first round,” he said

He said the atmosphere of the game is very professional. Everyone understands and there is no tension between the players.

Al-Mansoour actually learned the card game six years ago with his friend, Deema Al-Mutairi.

But he claimed not to be able to participate last year because there were no women’s teams at that time. Keuntungan Bandar Ceme

When Al-Mansoour and his friend heard the championship he was waiting for opened opportunities for women, he rushed to register.

Although we were not taken seriously by our friends and family, we managed to reach the next round and hope to reach the final point. Hopefully the two million saudi riyal (around Rp. 7.3 billion) cash prize will be ours.

It took two years for Al-Mansoour to study seriously. He continued to play with his brother, and his father who inherited his abilities.

Al-Mansoour will also be happy to help teach anyone who wants to learn.

His friend, Al-Mutairi is also a law student. He learned baloot from his avid sister who often plays and often learns ways to win the game with his school friends.

I really enjoyed this game especially with friends in my group, said Al-Mutairi.

“The nine of us often play this. That is why I am able to play and participate in the championship. I am fighting for 2 millionaires (Rp. 7.3 billion),” he explained.

Both Al-Mansoouri and Al-Mutairi say that young women who are eager to learn this game will help.

Baloot has become one of the most popular games on the Arabian peninsula and especially in Saudi Arabia.

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