Stay Calm Fight With Covid-19 Virus

Stay Calm Fight With Covid-19 – This paper tries to simply summarize the desires and concerns of the Indonesian people regarding the Covid-19 virus that has been established by WHO as a pandemic. And its drastic distribution to several regions in Indonesia, is a serious note in influencing the government’s political and health policy making.

This paper does not review the Covid-19 virus from a health perspective, because the author does not have expertise in that field. This article also does not intend to criticize and try, only efforts that try to “reflect” the reality of handling government policies relating to Covid1-19 and the psychological condition of the Indonesian people.

Stay Calm Fight

Modern democratic state, has a clear government structure in an effort to limit power, so there is no tyranny and arbitrariness. The classical political theory of the “separation of powers” instigated by Montesquieu (1689-1755) was very influential for every country in designing its forms and systems of government. The theory divides Stay Calm Fight state power into three, namely the legislative, executive, and judiciary.

Since the age of enlightenment, power tends to be limited, because of the arbitrariness of the former rulers. Even in a state that embraces a form of Monarchy, the king does not have the authority to interfere in government affairs.

So who is entitled to power, is determined through elections, because it is a constitutionally recognized political process.

Normatively, the government has the main task of creating public welfare for the people. So that the government process needs to be regulated by the constitution, as well as the form of the program as a mandate in realizing that goal, it needs to be affirmed and regulated through technical laws and government regulations below.

Politically, the government needs to have a clear working mechanism, so that the objectives of the government are successfully achieved, they need to have an issue management, so as not to make the public confused. In the end the government has an obligation to provide security for its people.

In the context of the Indonesian state, the government adheres to a decentralized system, so that local governments also have a vital role in realizing a peaceful, safe, just and prosperous Indonesia.

In December 2019, the international community was shocked by the discovery of a new virus called “Corona” in Wuhan, China, sourced from the media, the origin of the spread of the virus was thought to be through consumption of “bat” meat.

A few months later the case became an international issue, due to its rapid spread to various countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) itself states that there are more than 100,000 cases internationally, resulting in the deaths of more than 3,000 people. MenangCeme

The outbreak or the virus eventually resulted in sluggish economic growth in several countries, including Indonesia, the prohibition of foreign visits, to the restriction of general public activities.

In Indonesia itself, the virus began to become a public panic, because in early March 2020, the government announced two Indonesian citizens, positively infected by the corona virus which was then called the Covid-19 virus.

Its rapid distribution has made several areas in Indonesia vulnerable, namely Jakarta, Surakarta, Depok and other areas. Handling from the regional government was carried out varied, ranging from temporarily laying off community activities, including schooling, to the implementation of KLB (extraordinary events) in Sukakarta.

Stay Calm Fight

The central government has also appointed a spokesman for handling Vivid Covid-19 namely Achmad Yurianto as Secretary of the Directorate General of Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health.

Latest News, The Central Government has formed a task force to deal with the Covid-19 virus, which is led directly by the Head of BNPB, Lt. Gen. Doni Monardo. Stay Calm Fight The narrative above has shown us the efforts of the Indonesian government in overcoming the troubling Covid-19 virus.

The fact is that there is still resistance in our society, especially in terms of “openness” of the government regarding comprehensive data surrounding the spread of the Covid-19 virus in Indonesia.

Indeed, the policy will have another impact, but let us reflect on how people do not panic, while people do not know the exact location of the spread of the Covid-19 virus. They are only able to guess and describe speculation.

Providing security is a mandatory duty of the government. The diversity of national and international media coverage of the development of the Covid-19 virus has become public consumption, which results in the lack of clarity about representative and effective information providers.

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