Story of Tuti, The Widow of the Three Children

Story of Tuti, the Widow of the Three Children who were Stuck in the Capital City because of Corona – Tuti’s face was lethargic while carrying a large yellow backpack when encountered at Pasar Senen Station on Friday. He sat separately with his third child two chairs apart due to physical distancing.

The widow of three children who separated from her husband since 2016 is apparently haunted by uncertainty about the purpose of where her feet should go. Corona’s pandemic turned out to be the cause. Later, the government has indeed implemented a large-scale social restriction policy (PSBB) which was then followed by a ban on going home. domino qiu qiu

Story of Tuti

While fixing the hood on his yellow veil, he told me about his long journey to the end at Pasar Senen Station. Long story short, Tuti wants to pick up her youngest child who attends a boarding school in Brebes, Central Java. After being met, he then brought his son to Jakarta.

Tuti claimed to have often traveled with the aim of seeking healing. Not explained in detail about the disease, but that often makes it unable to walk. Story of Tuti

“My son’s pesantren is off (because), Corona. I brought it to Jakarta. Indeed, from 2016, I have traveled to find a cure,” said Tuti at Pasar Senen Station.

Arriving in Jakarta a few weeks ago, Tuti decided to stay at her first children’s boarding house in the Pancoran area. But after staying a week, he was asked to come out by the owner of the boarding house.

“Same, the boarding father can’t stay for long,” he explained.

After that, he thought of going to Pekalongan, Central Java to meet someone called “him” who was later known as Wali Pole. Without preparation, he tried to go to “his” place.

“Don’t you know him? He can treat all diseases. Diseases of the body and soul,” he said. Because it was late afternoon and needed a place to stay overnight, he looked for the police station. But he could not find it and instead ended up in a mosque at the Kalibata Heroes Cemetery, South Jakarta.

“I have the permission and security, I want to go on a pilgrimage, he said that I can. Then I slept at the mosque in the hero’s grave,” said Tuti.

After that, he finally went to the Sawah Besar Police Station, Central Jakarta. Tuti then recommended to live in a home owned by the Social Service.

Tuti’s desire is not to live in an orphanage. He wants to go to Pekalongan. After not getting certainty about the return to Pekalongan, he only stayed overnight and then left.

“There were some men in the Social Service they were sent back to their area. I was told to stay overnight, but I asked for help from Pekalongan,” he said.

Thursday (4/23/2020) night, he finally came to Juanda Station. Apparently, this station did not provide a schedule for departing for Pekalongan that day. Not knowing where to go, he spent the night at Juanda Station with his third child. The next day, Friday (4/24/2020), he headed to Pasar Senen Station with the same destination.

But it turned out that fate said differently. That day was the first day of the ban on going back and forth from President Joko Widodo. Be Tuti and her child confused confusion trapped in the capital city.

“I don’t know, I’m also confused about where to go. Here I can’t even get a train anymore. Later try to find out how to get to where he is,” he concluded.

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