The Love Story of Lombok Men and German Caucasians

The Love Story of Lombok Men and German Caucasians

The Love Story of Lombok Men and German Caucasians – God has a unique way to meet someone with his soul mate. As experienced by couples of different countries who first met at the cafe. This man from Lombok was viral after marrying a foreigner from Germany.
The love story of Elan Zack who married a Caucasian named Jasmine is stealing the attention. The two first met when Jasmine was on vacation to Lombok with her friends, and saw Elon singing in a cafe.

In an interview with Trans7 Black and White, the man who is a local musician claimed to fall in love with Jasmine at first sight. Elan and Jasmine exchanged telephone numbers and were dating.

We exchanged telephone numbers. Yes he asked (phone number) to me, said Jasmine.

Both are in a love affair for three years. Although he was able to undergo a long-distance relationship between Hamburg and Lombok, both Elan and Jasmine were able to maintain their love story to the marriage level.

Sometimes I visit Lombok and he also often goes to Germany. We met each other, the longest time maybe three months did not meet, said Jasmine.

The woman who works as a Project Manager in Hamburg also claimed to fall in love with Elan because of her good nature. Elan and Jasmine then determined to get married in June 2018.

Because he is very funny, romantic, and he has a big heart, he has a patient nature, he cares about his family, his friends, basically with everyone, obviously Jasmine revealed the reason she fell in love with Elan.

Since Elan and Jasmine’s wedding photos went viral, many netizens have criticized her. This was revealed by Elan who claimed that there ceme online jakarta were some negative comments for him. One of them was when Elan was accused of using pellets so that Jasmine fell in love with him.

I can say I use pellets for various kinds, how come I want to use them. I didn’t answer anything. I just laughed, I just found it funny, said Elan.

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