Tri Indonesia Ensures Stable Network

Tri Indonesia Ensures Stable Network

Tri Indonesia Ensures Stable Network – Hutchison 3 Indonesia’s cellular operator, known as the Tri brand, has been operating in Indonesia for 13 years. During that time, the telecommunications company grew to serve 32 million active customers.
Of the 32 million customers, Tri Indonesia noted there was data traffic of more than 10,000 TB per day.

Meanwhile, regarding the area coverage, Tri Indonesia is already in 300 districts, 3,000 sub-districts, and more than 33,000 villages spread across Indonesia.

Tri Indonesia CEO and President Director Cliff Woo revealed that during the current corona pandemic, his office ensured that the network remained smooth. In addition, Tri Indonesia also appealed to its customers to study, work, and worship from home in the midst of the outbreak of the corona virus.

Tri Indonesia said that their technical team has been strategically placed and is constantly monitoring its network to ensure that connections remain stable so that the telecommunications needs of customers while working or learning from home are always met.

On the other hand, Tri Indonesia prioritizes the health, safety, and welfare of all its employees for work from home. While those on duty in the DominoQQ field have been provided with security protocols to reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

We also distribute an additional IDR 2 million allowance for each employee, including outsourced employees in all areas of Tri’s operations in Indonesia. We hope that this assistance will be able to help Indonesian 3 big families deal with these difficult times to be healthy and well-off, Cliff said in his press release on Friday (3/4/2020).

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