UK Immigration Changes Give Indonesian Workers Opportunities

The new UK immigration policy, related to workers from abroad, will open wider opportunities for people from various countries in the world, including Indonesia, to work in that country.

The statement was said by the British Ambassador to Indonesia and Timor Leste, Owen Jenkins, in the welcoming of alumni of the Chevening scholarship program which was held at the British Embassy in Jakarta, Thursday (20/2) night.

“The British government is again taking control of immigration policy and we are working to eliminate bias over the European region. With the freedom of mobilization in the European region (to the UK) so far, we feel that it is not enough to get brilliant talent from other countries including Indonesia, “said Jenkins.

The immigration scheme announced by Interior Minister Priti Patel on February 19 requires foreigners who wish to work in the UK to meet a number of criteria, including English language proficiency and have a job offer from a company with a minimum salary of 25,600 pounds per year. This minimum limit is called the salary threshold.

Jenkins said the scheme would open equal opportunities for workers from various countries. “Wherever you come from, you will have the same opportunity to meet the criteria based on points and salary threshold,” he continued. Domino Ceme Online

The policy will come into force in the coming year 2021. To open the door for workers from various countries, Jenkins also said the British government had issued a new work visa policy for students pursuing tertiary education in the country.

After completing their studies, foreign students, including from Indonesia, can register to get a work visa in the UK that is valid for two years. The policy takes effect starting in the summer of 2021, Jenkins said.

Those with high qualifications can come and work in the UK without numbers, as long as they get sponsors from the appropriate institutions. “What we are doing after leaving the European Union is trying to be more open to the world. Changes in immigration are part of that, “he explained.

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