Youth Boy Almost Rape High School Girls in Nganjuk

Youth Boy Almost Rape High School Girls – Residents of Berbek Subdistrict, Nganjuk Regency, with the initials TA (27) have to deal with the police. He was arrested by the Nganjuk District Police and Women’s Services Unit (PPA) for alleged attempted rape.

The victim is GN (17), a high school student in Nganjuk Regency. The motive of the perpetrator tried to rape GN due to depression or mental disorders after being left by his girlfriend.

Youth Boy Almost Rape

“Rejoso Puskesmas officials confirmed that the perpetrators returned from Rejoso Puskesmas in November 2019,” said Nganjuk Iptu Police Criminal Investigator Nicolas Bagas Yudhi Kurnia, Thursday (03/19/2020).

“The perpetrator has a history of having a mental disorder or depression since the breakup of his girlfriend, and to this day the perpetrator Youth Boy Almost Rape has never been controlled by the Rejoso Community Health Center.”

This attempted rape occurred when the victim returned home from school on a motorcycle, Tuesday (10/3) afternoon. Arriving at the river DAM in Bendungrejo Village, Berbek District, Nganjuk, the victim was followed by the perpetrators.

Arriving in the middle of the forest, precisely in Suru Village, Ngetos District, Nganjuk, the victim’s vehicle was picked up by the offender and caused the victim to fall. Then the perpetrators approached and tried to rape the victim.

“The perpetrator strangled the victim’s neck and threatened to kill the victim if he did not want to have intercourse. But not yet screwed the victim, the incident was known by residents who passed,” said Nicolas.

Catched by citizens, finally the perpetrators ran away. Afterwards, the victim reported the case to the Ngetos Police Station, which was then handed over to the Panj Satk Criminal Investigation Unit of the Nganjuk Regional Police. Facebook

“We have arrested the perpetrators. At the moment we are taking the perpetrators to the Rejoso Community Health Center for further examination,” Nicolas said.

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